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Adding More Kids!

Well, we did it. We added more kids to our crazy family. How many more, you ask incredulously? Three. Three kids - a set of twins and a singleton little girl.

Boy and three goats in field.

Right, so we're not totally crazy - we've added kid goats! I'm happy to introduce Jennifer Peabody, Branch, and Poppy.

Getting ready for these kids was reminiscent of getting ready for our human kids. First, we read all of the books, visited all the websites, checked Pinterest, and consulted with our friends with kids. A beautiful "room" (aka pen) was crafted.

Handcrafted goat pen

Spacious goat pen

Look at that pen. That is the Craftsman-style bungalow of goat pens!

We bought the hay manger. We bought water buckets, collars, leads, brushes, treats, toys. We felt ready to bring home baby.

And then, things happened. Wonky things. Crazy things. Due to schedules, we had to pick up the singleton before the twins. Little girl was NOT happy being left alone. Not in the slightest.

Beautiful goat stall with ugly modification

That little 8 week old baby figured a way to jump over a 4 foot wall! We had no choice but to modify Bill's designer stall with an ugly sheet of plywood.

We thought we fixed her little red wagon only to come out to check on her and find her walking on the rail of the stall wall. We had to add plywood across the entire perimeter of the stall.

Here's a picture of the little stinker pants, Jennifer Peabody.

Happy to report that once the other goats, twins Poppy and Branch, were added to our herd, Jennifer settled down nicely.

All of the fur-less kids are in love with the fur kids. Surprisingly, Ted likes the goats very much and even asks to go out to pet and play with them. This is quite extraordinary for him. He leads, brushes, and feeds his kid, Branch, and does an outstanding job doing it. Not quite a therapy goat, but along those lines, we hope.

A boy, his goats, and his loyal dog

Childhood summer days don't get much better than this!