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Just Who Do We Think We Are

Who are we?

We are a recently retired military family rediscovering our farming-community roots.

We are a husband and wife, father and mother, four children - a couple adopted, a couple not; a couple with special needs and a couple without.

We are a family transitioning - always transitioning. Over the course of the next few years, we will change focus from active duty to a family farm. We feel strongly that our children should learn to appreciate life unplugged, learn the value of hard work, care for creatures other than themselves, and recognize the efforts that go into growing and processing our foods and other necessities.

We are a business venture and lifestyle change. Family-owned businesses are on the endangered list. And we understand why. It costs more for the consumer to purchase from a Mom and Pop store. Our per unit prices are higher. We aren't open 24/7, and don't sit on Main Street. But supporting small and family-owned businesses keeps local money local. It builds community. And as a special needs family, building up our community, creating a village for our children is a vital element to keeping them safe and integrating them into mainstream life.

This is our story.

From time to time we'll be posting here about our adventures in the agrarian arts - gardening arts, animal husbandry, canning, market adventures, and, of course, soapmaking. Think Goop! but for the rest of us; Martha Stewart without need of a private jet and trust fund; Blake Lively on a budget.

This is our journey.


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